An automatic, simple to use, data collection and transport utility with a small system footprint, supporting raw data. It’s available for Industrial IoT, ICT enterprise, weather and environment.

Main Features

Fetch data from sensors and devices
Industrial IoT readiness
ICT infrastructure and applications
Support for raw data


Using data recorders, K1 is easy to be used for various cases, from industrial IoT, ICT enterprise, to weather and environment measurements. The original recorded raw data is available for immediate analysis or delivered to Kronometrix SaaS.


K1 supports many protocols, like TCP, UDP, HTTP, SNMP, MODBUS using RS232 or RS485 to connect to different devices. MODBUS is de facto standard for multi-vendor integration, and the most widely used network protocol in the industrial environment.

Small footprint
Easy to configure and run


Keeps track of essential performance, availability and inventory metrics from web applications, operating systems, enterprise services or IoT sensors. The gateway is offering access to raw data and transport services to Kronometrix SaaS.

Kronometrix K1 gateway, contains all needed software to record and transport data for analysis. Includes the operating system, for ARM64 computer systems, the data recording package and the configuration, as small package.

All connected
different use cases

Consolidate IoT data

Easy to connect different devices and sensors based on open standards and protocols like: MODBUS, HTTP, SNMP or SERIAL. It can run on the edge or inside your network, offering several data recorders, specific for different jobs and responsibilities.

Check indoor air quality 

Easy to plug in your home or office network to record and check the quality of your indoor air related to: CO2, TVOC, HCHO, PM2.5, PM10 and Radon. Supports sensors from well established environmental measurement companies.

Analyse your Web services

Simple to deploy and check the performance and availability of your web and Internet services like: HTTP, IMAP, POP, SMTP, REDIS, MariaDB, LDAP or any other TCP service. It can be used as a data analyser, external or internal to your network.

Open-Source Development

K1 is based on open-source software, from the operating system, and libraries to the data recording module, offering maximum flexibility, full control with no complicated licenses for further developments.

Kronometrix K1 – is available as a MicroSDXC or IoT Gateway, compatible with Raspberry PI 3B+ single-board computers for IoT, ICT, Weather and Environment. The IoT Gateway includes two models: wired and wired plus wireless. Includes 30 days installation support. Additional maintenance and support packages can be purchased. For more information please check Kproduct description.

49,95 € – Kronometrix K1 IoT MicroSDXC 64GB. The price is exclusive of value added tax and does not include the shipping costs.

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