Data Fabric

An easy-to-use, real-time distributed data fabric designed for IoT, ICT, weather and environment data providers including all the necessary functionalities in a simple package for ARM or X64.

Main Features

ARM and Intel/AMD 64bit systems
Designed for ICT and IoT providers
Runs on public clouds or private networks
Supports Edge and Fog Computing

Maximum Flexibility

Kronometrix can work with various data from Industrial IoT, ICT, to weather and environment. Mapping real-world systems and devices, Kronometrix includes all necessarily metrics and summary statistics required for analysis and visualization.

Immediate Ready for Work

Using built-in features, like data filters, smarts alarms, operational availability, planned maintenance or real-time applications and visualization dashboards, Kronometrix is the best user collaboration platform, ready for work.

Turn insight into action
See and act


From ICT data providers to weather and environment operators, K500 is the right choice to consolidate, analyse different datasets and act. Designed for easy collaboration data can be shared and analysed between management and technical teams.

Kronometrix contains everything you need: from the operating system, in-memory database to the web framework it has all components integrated, tested and ready for work. It is available as a ISO or USB image for physical or virtual computer systems

The best data
Essential for data analysis

Best Data

The platform supports a number of data filters which can filter out bad data and keep whatever matter most, in most cost effective way. At the same time, the original raw data is always available for further exploratory analysis.

Join, collaborate and improve

K500 is a multi-user, multi-subscription based software easy to invite anyone to see and analyse data. Users are allowed to access parts of the system using a role-based security model, restricting system access only to authorised users.

Smart Alarms

To reduces the number of repetitive alarms, K500 is using an efficient mechanism based on the frequency and duration of the event alarms. Such way the platform analytics will keep to minimum the number of false alarms.

Real-time Applications

A number of built-in applications running on K500 are provided as HTML5, Javascript. These are responsive based applications, for quickly changing content to stream continuously big volume of data using WebSocket protocol.

749,00 € /month – Kronometrix Distributed Data Fabric. Includes: software image for Intel x64 or ARM64 computer systems, 100 data-sources license, standard 8×5 support, annual commitment. The price is exclusive of value added tax.

DS – The term Data Source (“DS”, “ds”, “data-source”) means any system connected to a public or private network with a valid IPv4 or IPv6 address like a database server, a data logger, a graphic workstation, or a sensor bound to a single Kronometrix data subscription.

Annual Commitment – the period of time you plan to use the product, minimum 1 year. You can cancel anytime, but you need to pay at least 1 year. Includes standard 8×5 support and software updates. Billed every month or one time per year. Perpetual – No commitment, customer can use the product indefinitely. Includes 1 year standard 8×5 support and software updates. Billed one time.

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