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About Kronometrix

We are the makers of Kronometrix, an easy-to-use, real-time distributed data fabric designed for Industrial IoT, ICT, Weather & Environment. Our technology is built entirely on open systems, bringing innovative ways to collect, analyze and visualize data.

Our core values,

a blend of energy and clarity.


We work hard to find answers to the most complex and challenging problems.

Love Nature

We build products and services to understand and protect the nature around us.


No hidden agendas, no bureaucracy, easy to connect and work with us.


Collaborate and build strategic partnerships to make better products and services.


We are a software company
specialising in different areas of business.

Information Technology

We have strong skills in measurement processes, performance analysis and capacity management for ICT infrastructure and services helping ISVs, data-centres, and web hosting service providers. We come from Sun Microsystems, Nokia and Xerox.

Digital Measurements

We help and support various organizations to deploy and use continuous data measurement technologies. We develop new data strategies to protect and grow digital businesses across many industries: ICT, IoT, weather, and environment.

Open Source Software

Our software is based on different modules, some available as free and open-source software. We have long years of experience using different FOSS technologies applicable to ICT and industrial IoT.

Edge & Fog Computing

Kronometrix can run closer to devices and sensors, using different data communication and connectivity protocols. We are committed to build innovative products for a future where machines and humans coexist.

Let’s work
and create together.

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