Data Centric

Raw data is fundamental to any data analysis

The primary, original data collected from a source, which has not been transformed, aggregated or changed in any way

The raw data is primary –

the interface secondary

Time Series

All recorded observations, metrics are variable measured sequentially in time, called time series, stored as raw data. Raw data is produced by a recorder, which fetches data from a system, device or sensor, data which has not been modified or changed in any way. The data is saved as CSV flat files on disk.

Universal Format

The original recorded data, available as ascii text, CSV files or plain old sql dump files will always work with any software, user-interface or applications. The raw data never becomes obsolete, old or dated by any technology standards or new software methodologies.

Data Centric

Many software applications are putting effort in providing shiny and modern front-ends. This reflect an interface centric, rather than data centric approach. Any UI will soon become obsolete. Effort should be put in capturing and consolidating raw data. The data is primary, the user-interface secondary.

Open Data

A data centric system will always be able to process and offer original raw data in a simple manner for usage, without constraints. The data can be made available directly for download or accessible over a programmable interface which other programs and applications can use.

Capture and Consolidate

The Right Performance Data

Data Recorders

Using data recorders, a simple to use, data collection package with a low memory and system footprint, supporting raw data, you can capture the right performance metrics from enterprise ICT, Industrial IoT to weather and environment devices.

Consolidate Data

It is easy to bind different data coming from one or many data sources in a single raw data file. For example different sensors can produce different metrics and parameters which can be consolidated as a single data message, and raw data file.

Intelligent Repository

All raw data files are simple to consolidate and saved to a single central repository. This repository can be synchronised to other services, if needed, providing access to extract and aggregate data for analysis and visualization.

Unstructured Data

Store and access data with no temporal structure, such as a document, a video and image or different log files. This kind of data can grow in size very quickly, requiring a scalable storage system and a RESTful API based applications.

Historical Data

Using a very efficient copy-on-write and compression mechanism, Kronometrix can keep track of long records of historical raw data on regular disks and storage systems. Such way you can keep years of raw data at the lowest cost.

Easy Access

There are different ways to access the raw data: interactive, by downloading  a single monthly archive file, or individual raw data files for each day, and automated using a RESTful API to connect to other systems and applications.

No Vendor Lock-in

Having access to raw data means you have full control and unlimited possibilities to conduct your own data analysis process: Using Kronometrix exploratory raw data module, or using other software applications or systems.

Data Strategy

Any organization needs to have a data strategy to protect their own business and at the same time continuously improve. Having access to raw data will help you develop and improve the strategy and set clear key performance indicators in place.

Understand Your Data

To Keep it Safe

Distributed Architecture

Kronometrix is built and offers support for several services which can be deployed on one or many computing nodes, if required. Such way there is no single storage for all data, improving the performance, availability and security of captured data.

Private and Public API

All Kronometrix internal services communicate using their own private and secure RESTful API, outside of the customer’s public requests. This way there is a clear separation of the data flow between the management and production communication.

Data Classification

From user management to summary statistics and raw data, Kronometrix is organizing and storing different data on separate modules. This way the real sensitive data will only be found in a small number of secured places to avoid a critical data breach.

Secure Your Data

By classifying and storing data based on the type and usage Kronometrix is able to keep your data safe. The most critical and important data, can easily be isolated and guarded from the rest of the numerical data to ensure its safety.

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