IoT Gateway

The bridge between your sensors and cloud, offering device to device or device to cloud communication.

Main Features

Fetch data from sensors and devices
Industrial IoT readiness
ICT infrastructure and applications
Device to cloud communication

Get the Right Data

With our data recorders, it is simple to capture the correct metrics from different applications or devices, supporting industrial IoT, ICT enterprise, weather and environment.

Rich Connectivity

Supports different devices and communication protocols. For example using SERIAL or MODBUS, you can capture data from weather, air quality sensors or other industrial systems.

It is simple to
configure and run


Keeps track of essential performance metrics from different systems and applications, offering access to raw data and transport services to Kronometrix SaaS, for data analysis.

Contains all needed software to record and transport data for analysis, including the operating system, for ARM64 computer systems, the data recording package and the configurations.

How does it work?

Get your Software Image

Purchase our IoT Gateway to get immediate access to the software image for ARM64 single-board computers. Start with a simple Raspberry PI configuration. Find out more details here.

Connect your sensors

Connect your sensors and devices using serial, or USB built-in data connectors of the single-board computer. Need help? Please contact us or join our development server to ask help.

Configure Recorders

Select your data recorders, use the built-in configuration or manually configure your devices. Start capturing performance and availability data from your devices and sensors.

Stream your data

You have maximum flexibility, sending data to Kronometrix SaaS or your own applications and systems using HTTP data protocol. Original raw data is always available for download and analysis.

Easy to capture and
transport data from

Computer Systems

Collects the right performance metrics from virtual or bare-metal systems running Linux, UNIX or Windows.

Web Applications

Captures web application performance data, from different web applications like LAMP, J2EE or Rails.

Enterprise Services

Keeps track of different enterprise services from MariaDB, MongoDB, NGINX, Redis to custom TCP or UDP services.

Industrial Devices

Access a large number of industrial devices connected to the MODBUS or serial communication protocols.

Network & Storage Equipment

Retrieve data from different network or storage systems and HVAC, UPS or other SNMP connected utilities.

Surveillance Systems

From trail cameras to network traffic devices, capture various metrics and parameters for analysis.

Buildings and Facilities

Capture indoor air quality data to check the air you are breathing and the efficiency of your ventilation system.

Air Quality Sensors

Retrieve real-time data from different outdoor air quality devices to analyze the pollution level in your city.

Weather Stations

Capture, consolidate and analyze meteorological data from different weather stations and equipment.


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