IO Socket
Data Recorder

Network IO socket data recorder

Main Features

Listen to your network for incoming data
TCP socket stream communication
UDP connectionless data communication
Support for different IoT sensors and devices

Listen to Your Network

With SOCKREC, it is simple to listen and capture network data coming from one or many devices or applications, using different communication protocols like UDP or TCP.

Different Data

The recorder can receive any type of data, from various devices like weather, air quality or other industrial equipment to ICT computer systems and enterprise applications.

Can work with any
device or application


The recorder can listen to one or many TCP ports, waiting for data from different devices or applications, without blocking the communication process.

For installations that require fewer network resources, SOCKREC can listen and wait for UDP data, from any type of computer systems, industrial equipments or smart sensors.

How does it work?

Get the recorder

The recorder, SOCKREC, is part of open-source data recording package and our gateway product. You can download the package, or buy our products and services to use it.

Configure your settings

All settings are defined under a JSON based configuration file, sockrec.json. Here you can define what equipment and network settings the recorder will use to capture data from.

One or many listeners

Under sockrec.json, you can setup one or many listeners to wait for data from the network. A listener contains all needed information, port, host protocol and what metrics to process.

Start the recorder

You can use the data recorder interactively or continuously for data analysis and visualisation.  The recorder is implemented as a CLI utility for various operating systems.

How does it help?

Consolidate weather data

Capture and consolidate data from one or many Vaisala WXT53x sensors, using TCP or UDP network protocols. Fast, open-source software, zero administration.

Centralize Computer Logs

Centralize SYSLOG data from different UNIX or Linux computer systems over network using UDP protocol. No need for other complex and expensive software packages.

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