Turnkey Solution Packages

Fast way to start monitoring complex web-services and computer infrastructures

We have built two example cases: Web Shop Monitoring & Server Monitoring. Contact us and describe your current situation or needs and we will calculate a compelling solution and very affordable price. If you have example architecture you can attach it to request.

Or if you have any questions, we are ready to give you more information.

Webshop Pack 170€

per month

+ SETUP 750€ (10h)

For SMEs and web agencies to measure and analyze the performance of web applications from development to production environments.

  • Up to 15 web sites and applications, Internet Services.
  • Kronometrix Custom (30 DS)
  • Turn-key setup & Installation (for 30 DS, 10 work hours).
  • 1 data subscription, 8×5 Standard Support, 24hr SLA.
  • Contact sales@kronometrix.com

Server Pack 229€

per month

+ SETUP 2.250€ (30h)

For SMEs to analyze performance and availability of computer systems no matter of the provider (on-premises, cloud, hybrid). Monitor everything inside and outside your network including computer systems, services and X.509 digital certificates

  • Up to 25 bare-metal/virtual computer systems.
  • Kronometrix Custom (100 DS).
  • Turn-key setup & Installation (for 100 DS, 30 work hours).
  • 1 data subscription, 8×5 Standard Support, 24hr SLA.

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