Free Analytics Platform

for MSPs, Datacenters, and Sitebuilders

Built for system admins, developers & data center professionals when they want an external, transparent and vendor independent view for all their services.

The most versatile

technology stack

Capture the Right Data

Capture the correct performance metrics from different systems, applications or IoT industrial equipments and installations.

High Speed Transport

Avoid sending big and complex data, over many network protocols, to improve the data consolidation and analysis process.

Deep Intelligence

Predict performance degradation and autonomously manage processes to optimize business and reduce costs.




Data Recorders


Devices & Sensors




API Functions


Supported Systems

Our Smart

Unified Solution

Will Help You

Avoid System Outages

Having the right performance metrics to analyze, means you can prepare to avoid any system or service outages.

Defend your Business

Service availability, security and inventory data, consolidated on a central repository, are important as your defensive strategy.

Spot Real Problems

Eliminate the typical flood of unnecessarily repetitive alarms that is the bane of every technical support person.

Improve Automation

Reduce complexity and eliminate redundant, not efficient work, by automating the data analysis process.

How to get started

Small Business, Developer or Website Builder?

A Kronometrix Dashboard is free – signup now!

Monitor all your website KPIs in one dashboard. Set smart alarms and get instant data from all your services.

Hosting Provider, Data Center Administrator

Select a Kronometrix turnkey setup or contact sales

Get a centralized view of all your resources from bare-metal to website and server room temperature to certification validity.

Here are instructions for installing the Kronometrix analytics tool on a Microsoft workstation.

Fast to deploy,

ready for work


Ready Packages

Easy to start, select your package for your business and data usage, as a service, running on cloud.



Sign up to get access to a ready solution package, which includes everything you need to measure, analyse and visualize your data.


Provision Data

Start using our package to capture the right kind of data from your systems and applications.


See and Act

Check your data, instantaneous values, trends and historical data using rich user-interface based applications.

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