Data Fabric

Know yourself more for less

To really know

the true performance

of your business, you need data;

the right kind of data

Get the right data

Data is changing our world, and getting the correct data is not easy, without the right tools and technologies.

Avoid data congestion

Sending big and complex data, over many network protocols, will slow down the data consolidation and analysis process.

Autonomous Data

Predict performance degradation and autonomously manage processes to optimize business and reduce costs.

Our smart

unified solution

will help you

Get the Right Data

With our data recorders you can measure the correct performance metrics, across all your systems and services.

Consolidate Different Data

You can easily consolidate different data from ICT enterprise to industrial IoT, no matter of your network or service provider.

Send Smart Alarms

Eliminate the typical flood of unnecessarily repetitive alarms that is the bane of every technical support person.

Improve Automation

Reduce complexity and eliminate redundant, not efficient work, by automating the data analysis process.

How to get started

As a service

Simple to use for small and medium enterprises, which run their services on cloud and do not require internal installations.


No third parties involved, Kronometrix is completely owned by you, for your technology, business usage and volume of data.

It is ready,

for immediate work


SaaS or On-Premises

Select your business model, as a service, running on cloud or on-premises, installed on your private network.



Sign up to get started using different data subscriptions from ICT enterprise to weather and environment.


Provision Data

Start using our data recorders to capture the right kind of data from your systems and applications.


See and Act

Check your data, instantaneous values, trends and historical data using rich user-interface based applications.

See some of

our customers


Kronometrix helped us to discover and fix the most important service performance and availability issues, and plan future production capacity management activities – TOMMI TANTTU, CTO”

Louhi Networks

“We rely on Kronometrix CloudView service to analyze real-time availability and performance data and manage all our 24×7 production services – MIKAEL KAARIAINEN, COO”

Pilvi Cloud Company

“With Kronometrix we have had a much higher level of service. We have received proactive suggestions about avoiding possible future issues in our environments – RIKU SEITTENRANTA, ARCHITECT

Starckrom SRL

“For us, it’s instrumental! We have been using it for the last two years and it has done its job in an excellent way” – DARIUS POPA, CEO


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