Capture the right data with Kronometrix Data Recording

Capture the right data with Kronometrix Data Recording

Capture the right data with Kronometrix Data Recording 2578 1906 KRONOMETRIX

Ready packages to capture the right performance metrics from your systems and applications

Kronometrix Data Recording is an automatic data collection package for IoT, enterprise ICT, web applications, weather and environmental devices. Available as an open source project, for many computer systems, the data recorders can be used to capture the right performance metrics from different data sources. Learn more about Kronometrix data recorders capabilities below.

To simplify how to get started we have created several packages, free of charge, which can be used to capture and transport data for analysis. These packages are offered without support or any other service level agreements.

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How does it work?

There are different ready made packages for several computer systems or applications. Each package includes all necessarily modules to start and capture data:

  • binaries and data recorders
  • the transport utilities
  • main configurations
  • manual pages and documentation

Select your package, download and install it for your system. After installation, you need to configure it to get your data. Each package includes a short description how to get started.

There are different package, for different industries and applications.

Download you package based on your configuration and industry, from operating systems to industrial IoT installations. Note: we are currently working to improve some of these packages, soon to be available for download.


Check the prerequisites section, of each package to see what are the minimum settings to get started.


Follow the short installation notes how to install your package. For example this is how you will need to install the Raspberry Pi package:

# dpkg -i kdr-stable-raspbian-armv8.deb
The software is found under /opt/kronometrix directory. Current raw data is saved under log directory. The configuration files are found under etc directory. 

See your data

After installation, you have access to the data recording package, including the recorders and the captured raw data from your systems or applications. To visualize, analyze and consolidate all your data you can subscribe to Kronometrix SaaS or directly use the raw data with your own data analytics and visualization applications.

Get started today with our free Kronometrix packages! If you need more packages, options and support check our business catalogue!

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