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October 2020

Kronometrix Scalable Design

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For Future Datacentres
Clouds and Edge Computing

Kronometrix is a distributed data fabric that is capable to receive and process many types of data messages from different data sources, everything from ICT and IoT to weather and environmental equipment. It runs on a variety of 64bit computer systems, from Intel/AMD x64 to ARM single-board computers, like Raspberry PI.

A number of factors and technologies makes Kronometrix capable to run and support different computer system architectures and configurations:

  • the internal application design
  • Lua, the most powerful embeddable scripting language
  • OpenResty, the scalable web framework
  • Redis, the data structure NoSQL database
  • and the integrations to the 64bit operating system

All these technologies are well integrated and built as a single data layer – the Kronometrix data fabric, a powerful unified and intelligent system, which is easy to deploy and connect to various data.

Future will be different. We believe in powerful computer systems with massive vertical scalability features, using multi-processors and high density RAM configurations on a single board computer. Such systems will drastically reduce the number of racks in a data-centre being capable to handle and process billions of data sources, using less space and energy. For example, the ARM architecture will play a very important role to improve system vertical and horizontal scalability. And at Kronometrix, we will always support this architecture as our main development platform.

Single-node Deployment

The simplest way to install and deploy Kronometrix is to use a virtual machine or a physical computer system for Intel or AMD x64 architecture or ARM Raspberry PI single-board computers. In such setup, all internal modules will run, by default on the same system, without the need to change or configure anything.

Multi-node Deployment

To scale and be able to process more data, different Kronometrix modules can be deployed on separate computing nodes or physical systems. These nodes at the same time, can add more vertical processing power, by adding more CPUs and memory, if required. Such setup, does use horizontal and vertical scalability features, to maximize performance and stay energy efficient.

What’s in it for me?

Making Kronometrix scalable is our top priority. That means we are always trying to improve and make better products than in the past and better than our competition. You should consider running Kronometrix for your business, and here are Why should you run Kronometrix in buy from us and use our technologies:

  • Cost. Pay per data-source, and support type. We have a very flexible and low cost model to run Kronometrix.
  • Flexibility. You can deploy Kronometrix inside data-center, on your office network or at the edge of the network, closer to sensors and devices.
  • Support. 8×5 and 24×7 support types, always get top support from our engineers, no bureaucracy, no hidden costs.
  • Open Data. You are always in control. From data recorders to the data visualization and analytics, get the original raw data to be able to conduct and type of analysis you want or share data with any parties required.

Our products are built entirely on open systems, technologies and standards, bringing innovative ways to consolidate, analyze and visualize data for different industries.

If you want to know more about our product and services, please visit our site or contact us.

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