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January 2022

SNMP Data Recorder

SNMP Data Recorder 1243 880 KRONOMETRIX

It is simple now to capture SNMP data!

Kronometrix Data Recording can work with various systems, applications, or devices using one or many data communication protocols, like MODBUS, HTTP, TCP or UDP. During this autumn, we have added support for SNMP devices, implementing a new data recorder, called snmprec. Based on a modern and scalable interface, the new recorder is designed to capture the right data from various devices, like:

  • Network equipment: switches, routers, firewalls
  • Storage devices: NAS and SAN
  • Utilities: HVAC, UPS, power metering equipment

The recorder does not require extra libraries or additional software to run. It has all needed components to connect and capture data from different devices or systems. Part of Kronometrix Data Recording, the recorder is available for various operating systems, or it is integrated to our IoT Gateway, for business installations.

How does it work ?

The snmprec data recorder is implemented as a CLI based application, easy to run interactively or continuously, for longer periods of time. This way it is simple to use for different activities from troubleshooting or debugging to performance analysis and capacity planning. The recorder, like any other Kronometrix data recorders, is offering immediate access to original raw data.

Configuration File

The recorder keeps all its settings, under a simple JSON configuration file. It is a text based file, simple to change and modify, using any text editor. The configuration supports any type of SNMP device and metric. You can add your own devices or use the built-in default supported systems.


You can easily start the recorder from Linux/UNIX terminal, like this:

What’s Next ?

We are working to improve the current functionality of SNMP data recorder, to support authentication, and different object types, like Counter32Counter64TimeTicks, as defined in RFC 2578. We are planning to create a number of default SNMP objects in Kronometrix, supporting printers, network equipment (firewalls, switches) and different other utility devices, like power metering, HVAC or UPS. Later, during Q1 2022 we will improve as well our data visualization capabilities, to fully support the SNMP data. If you want to stay up to date and have access to the latest development builds, please join our free development server.

Add your devices

If you work with different SNMP devices, we can help you to have them supported and ready for Kronometrix usage. Please let us know your equipment, and we will do the rest.

More information

Kronometrix Data Recording is an open-source software for ICT Enterprise, IoT, Weather and Environment industries. It supports a number of ready data recorders, which can be deployed on virtual or bare-metal servers, or ready systems like ARM single-board computers. Find out more about our data recorders or Kronometrix IoT Gateway. If you still have questions and need to ask more about our products and services don’t hesitate to contact us.

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