Tuning Java Virtual Machine

Tuning Java Virtual Machine

Tuning Java Virtual Machine 3000 2250 KRONOMETRIX

Usually Java applications are deployed with default settings not suitable for production usage

JVMTune is a specialised performance analysis and observability service for Java based applications, focused to the Java Virtual Machine configuration: the heap memory usage, the garbage collection statistics and the overall system memory footprint.

In general Java based applications are deployed with default or ad-hoc settings without proper testing and not suitable for production usage. It is important to analyse all these aspects to make sure your applications is good throughput and response time.

The heap memory configuration will be checked, including: Young, Old and Permanent generation sizes. Each generation will be tuned based on the various synthetic load tests and we will ensure that the heap footprint is properly set and the application works properly without errors. A garbage collector will be selected in order to minimise the number of collection activities and ensure the application has a good throughput.

Improper memory settings can cause poor performance and affect overall availability of your application.

We will look for the following goals:

  • throughput – the total time not spent in garbage collection
  • pause time – the time during the application is paused when the collection takes place
  • frequency – how often the collection occurs

Every time your application is changing, you should consider running JVMTune service, in order to ensure the throughput and response time are correct. System developers, devops and architects are directly interested to know how the Java based applications are functioning and performing over time. Avoid outages, maximise application performance with JVMTune.

Turbo charge your Java applications. Get in touch with us for more information about JVMTune and how can you get started.

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